From My Vineyard


From grape to bottle

The application of an ethos and principle that have remained unchanged with the passing of time. Attention to every single step, starting right from “my vineyard”.

From field to ageing, from pruning to harvest, from bottling to sale.

Other the years we have chosen this path, embracing an ethos that has always accompanied our Group every step along its business journey.

Since 1897, thanks to its proprietary vineyards, Triacca has been operating along the entire viticulture-winemaking production chain, from grape to bottle.


Study and research

The value that inspires and distinguishes our work. A thirst for innovation, without ever compromising on ingredients and certified quality.

In 125 years of experience, we have invested in development and research in the name of innovation, in order to enrich oenological culture with an authentic added value.

All this to bring out the best in the terroir of our vineyards and continuously elevate our production processes to a superior level, guaranteeing all the flavour of excellent Italian wine for consumers.

More quality

We have improved the yield of vine fields, studying and selecting the best grapes for optimal production.


We have reduced our environmental impact by improving production, harvesting and processing techniques, in order to guarantee optimal yields and greater quality, every step of the process.

More sustainable

We have mechanised work in a sustainable way, achieving the perfect balance between quality and value production, while also respecting the environment, its resources and our workers.

New optimisations

We have developed a new cultivation system that incentivises and optimises sun exposure.

New taste

We have introduced new technologies and improved cellar techniques, enriching our wines with even more harmonious, aromatic, full-bodied and intense flavours.

More character

We have conferred taste upon our wines by exploring new techniques, like ageing in barriques, in which oak exalts and enriches the character of our wines.

Respect and progress

Contour farming

Contour farming is a pioneering practice that was first applied in the eighties, thanks to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Domenico Triacca, who belongs to the family’s third generation and shares the same name as the founder. This innovation revolutionised viticulture in Valtellina.

From the cutting of grass to mulching, fertilisation and transport between the rows of vines, contour farming is a practice that consists of positioning the vine rows east-west, which has facilitated the mechanisation of processes in the vineyard, previously only possible with manual labour.

As with all innovations, going against the grain of tradition with horizontal terraces was far from popular with the community of traditional viticulturists in Valtellina.

However, over time, the massive reduction in manual labour requirements and easier grape transport meant that contour farming became one of the most popular practices among viticulturalists in Valtellina, as it optimises work in the vine fields.

spectacular sun-kissed rows on the Santavenere estate

Care and attention

The farming system

Fully exploiting the characteristics of the land to guarantee the best grape cultivation system for our vineyards.

By building a 3 metre high wall with a 15° inclination to maximise the potential of light and store heat, we have given our vines on slopes the chance to make the most of sunlight, while also compensating for the low annual average temperature due to the high altitude.

Choices and Reflections

The selection of clones

Studying the best selection of Nebbiolo grape varieties, examining strengths and weaknesses, to achieve optimisation.

All in the name of bringing out the best in Valtellina wine.

For decades we have observed the selected production of 213 vines, just four of which became the base for reproduction when replanting new vine fields, which today occupy 17 hectares of our land.

The peculiarity of the wines we will bring to life? Intense reds, rich in character and with a higher concentration of glycerine and extracts.

A new and full-bodied flavour, enriching the segment of excellence in Italian wine.

Bunch of grapes
La Gatta winery

Commitment and Processing

Vinification techniques

Removal of pomace to obtain a pure selection of sweet tannins.

This is what we have achieved, thanks to new techniques for the optimisation of vinification processes.

Grapes are processed in a stainless steel silos at our cellars, before undergoing the temperature controlled method in order to extract tannins and pigments.

During this process the sour pomace is eliminated, for a must made of noble tannins.

The wine is then aged in 225 and 500 litre barrels, so that it can evolve and develop.

Testing and Creating

Raisining on the vine and ageing in barriques.

Our pioneering system enables raisining on the vine. Raisined grapes, subjected to temperature variations in our Vine Fields, are picked in bunches rich in extracts and fruity aromas.

This type of wine production is perfect for barrique ageing, just like our “Prestigio”, a noble wine obtained from Nebbiolo grapes raisined in the vine fields of La Gatta, Valtellina.

In the eighties we were the first to pilot and introduce this production system that has given rise to symbolic wines of the company and Valtellina as a land of wine production.