Wine and the land

A Family History

black and white historical photos of the Triacca family


From Generation to Generation

The essence of our story and business comes down to one thing. Family.

From 1897 to the present day, Triacca has never ceased to be a family-run business, gradually growing from generation to generation, with commitment, consistency and passion.

This is how a business idea, ever mindful of its origins, developed a concrete offering of good Italian wine.

Triacca is more than just the story of a company, it is the history of a family that has built its success on a love of the land, to nurture its soul.


Step by Step

The driving force and fulcrum of our growth is Experience.

A concrete ability to bring added value, consolidated over 125 years and 5 generations. Step by step, Triacca has become one of the most prestigious winemakers of Valtellina, in Italy and abroad.

This is how knowledge and the work of each family member becomes experience and strength for the future.

Since 1897 we have been a family business with a passion for the land, raising awareness and teaching our customers about the taste of good wine.

historical photo of the Triacca family


The widowed Orsola Triacca with her sons Eugenio, Riccardo, Giovanni, Annetta and Domenico

The generations of the Triacca family


Domenico, Eugenio, Riccardo, Giovanni Triacca

The Triacca family at the estate in Valtellina


Rino, Gino and Domenico Triacca

The generations of the Triacca winery


Luca and Giovanni Triacca


Mattia Merlo Triacca and Gino Triacca


From Trading to Own Production

Our story begins with great-great grandfather Domenico Triacca, who traded in Valtellina wines in Valposchiavo before choosing to follow his passion for the land and good wine.

Domenico had an incisive entrepreneurial spirit and was all too aware of how concrete growth and the establishment of his company depended on him being able to look to the future and innovate.

So in 1897 he decided to buy a 2000 sqm vineyard in the Valgella area, Valtellina.

So in 1897 he decided to buy a 2000 sqm vineyard in the Valgella area, Valtellina. Here, the knowledgeable hands of a winemaker have brought to life something that is about so much than the mere sale of a product. The Triacca Group ethos is committed to nurturing the entire viticulture-winemaking process, starting from its very own vineyards.

historical photos of the Triacca family


Keeping a business idea alive

Domenico Triacca passed away in 1910.

The life of the family’s reference point and voice was tragically cut short by a road accident, while transporting wine along the shores of Poschiavo Lake.

This was a tough year, but his wife Orsola and son Eugenio picked up the reins of the business. Five years later, Eugenio resolved to pursue and keep alive the idea of what was already a great undertaking.

All this without ever losing sight of his origins and value.

1950 – 1960


Following this period of investment in resources and experiences, in 1950 the time was ripe for Triacca to enjoy a period of burgeoning growth.

The market segment for the sale of bulk wine, transported in wooden barrels, spread to Engadina, while consumers began developing a taste for bottled wine.

The bottling plant was built in Zalende in response to this trend, a small town in Valposchiavo on the border with Valtellina; next came the purchase of a warehouse in Coira, so that the company could supply the Grigione market segment, which had always been dominated by local traders.

With the success and purchase of new vineyards in the 50s, Gino, Domenico and Rino joined the Triacca team, by Eugenio’s side, respectively focused on sales, technical aspects and organisation: the family’s third generation.


Growing up

Mindful of its maturity, the Group continued to invest and make progress, adding value and prestige to the story of the Triacca winery and its production.

The Madonnina Estate in Chianti Classico was purchased in 1969: a new and different land set in the heart of Tuscany, with a wine rich in potential for production and testing, just waiting to be discovered.

That same year, the former Dominican convent La Gatta was purchased, with its 13 hectares of vine fields: a milestone of viticulture in Valtellina.


An eye on the future with investments

With an eye on the brand’s future, 1982 saw the addition of another piece of company and group history: the construction of the new headquarters in Campascio-Zalende GR.

In the 90s, this was followed by market growth in southern Tuscany and the purchase of a new jewel in the Group’s winemaking crown: the Santavenere Estate in Montepulciano.

Gino Triacca, Giovanni and Luca’s father, was a central figure in virtue of his managerial and sales skills. Step by step, he forged the path for the development of the Group and its business.

His sons Giovanni, Swiss market manager, and Luca, technical director of all three production areas, joined the company: the time was ripe for the fourth generation to expand and bring its contribution to the business.


New millennium, new challenges

The wine production and sales market became even more important in the first decade of the new millennium.

It gained in value, because the taste for good wine became an experience to be relished one sip at a time; an awareness of the origins of products enjoyed by consumers became an experience to be lived.

Once more the company evolved in line with this scenario, developing new activities and market offerings is response to new challenges.

Santavenere estate seen from above
panoramic view between the vineyards and the Madonnina estate

2010 - Present day

Yes to evolution and change

“In 2022 our family celebrates 125 years of winemaking history. Four generations of women and men have served with the utmost dedication, each brining their unique contribution. Now with discretion, commitment and humility, the fifth generation is gradually entering the family business. So we have great faith in the future”.

Giovanni Triacca

The vineyards of the Triacca winery

Past, present and future

What was, what is and what will Triacca be?

A company ready to innovate and evolve, thanks to the leadership of two brothers, the fourth generation of Triacca. Giovanni is focused on the Swiss market and on directing the parent company. Luca is a professional oenologist and the head of wine production.

An authentic winemaking business, which has never lost sight of its history and experience, committed to enhancing its value.

With the fifth generation, ready to step up and lead the company in the pursuit of its principles and values, today Triacca is where wine and the land meet and evolve together, as part of a family’s history.



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